Over the past twenty years, Horseman Elite Auction has become has established its name both nationally and internationally. The idea for an auction originated in early 2004 when a group of passionate stallion owners and breeders from the BWP region Rivierenland/Heist-op-den-Berg organized their first live auction that same year. The initial focus was on marketing foals and broodmares, but later young horses and embryos were also included. In recent years, the traditional auctions of Horseman Elite Auction have been supplemented with online editions, and a large international customer network has been established. The Belgian breeding industry flourishes worldwide, and it is the mission of Horseman Elite Auction to consistently offer the best of our domestic breeding: 'The best of Belgium. Our promise.'

From the beginning, the selection committee has rigorously selected based on correct conformation, as this increases the chances of a long-lasting sports career. In addition, the foals, young horses, and broodmares must originate from performance families, with the standards continually being raised. However, the auction has remained true to its original goal: to create a platform where even small breeders can showcase and sell their breeding products. A somewhat commercial approach has been chosen to ensure the auction’s long-term viability. Nowadays, foals and horses can be registered through the website, and the selection committee then visits them at their location.

Horseman Elite Auction is an auction with a high sales percentage, and over 80 percent of the foals and horses find new owners outside Belgium. A long list of ambassadors underscores the value of this top Belgian auction.

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