Hart voor Marthe VZW 

As an organisation, we support a good cause every year. This year, we would like to introduce Hart Voor Marthe VZW to you. Horseman Elite Auction will auction a Frozen Embryo "Hart Voor Marthe" for Hart voor Marthe VZW. The complete amount of the proceeds will be donated to Hart Voor Marthe VZW. We thank with great gratitude P. Vanvinckenroye breeder and generous donor of this embryo.

Martheke, everyone's favorite

Always in a good mood , even if her life is much more difficult than that of her peers. Marthe was born on September 21, 2014, she weighed barely 1,250gr. From day one, she had to fight for her life and she still has this fighting mentality.

Cerebral palsy

From birth, we saw that Marthe did not develop like any normal child and at the age of 1.5 years, we were diagnosed with "cerebral palsy" (PC) . This manifests itself both mentally and physically... On top of that, she had epilepsy at the age of 3.

Therapy for the rest of her life

Every move she makes, trying to make her understand what she wants is quite a task for her! She will need lifelong therapy to hopefully one day put the wheelchair aside and be able to walk independently, be able to talk, simple things like eating, drinking, dressing and undressing because she still needs help with that!

Support Marthe

During the week, Marthe goes to special education type 4 (physical disability) in Antwerp, where she receives daily therapies such as physio, ergo and logo. During the holidays, she goes to the Willekom shelter and we try to go as often as possible to Train M, a rehabilitation center with robotics. We do it every week, she undergoes therapy 3 hours a day and has already achieved many results! Unfortunately, this is not recognized by the government and costs an incredible amount of money. There are still various therapies, adapted transport aids that she will need, ... That's why we hope to raise money along this route by organizing various events so that Marthe can follow as much therapy as possible! Whenever possible, we would also like to support other children with PCs because they all deserve it! Thank you so much for reading my story! Lots of love Martha!


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